An introduction to Adobe Connect for learning and teaching

Title:An introduction to Adobe Connect for learning and teaching

Duration:0.6 days
Learning and Technology

NOTE that timings for this course will be be organised each time it runs to suit participants.

  • Participate comfortably in a synchronous online environment
  • Plan a session in Adobe Connect (or other synchronous space) for teaching and learning purposes
  • Understand and use the Adobe Connect tools and software

The training will take place in Adobe Connect (3 or 4 one-hour sessions) backed up by Moodle

The first half of the course involves one or two sessions on:

  • Introduction to Adobe Connect – technical issues, tools and buttons - troubleshooting – different ways of using it e.g., for tutorials, ‘lectures’, meetings, tutorial videos, virtual office hours, guest speakers

  • Example session on running session with students – facilitating learning in synchronous online spaces – case studies, examples, top tips, models and best practice

In the second part of the course participants will be paired to create a 10-minute session. There will then be one or two sessions at which participants will present and tutors and other learners will feedback.

To register your interest and/or enrol for the next course please go to Moodle and self-enrol here: 
Adobe Connect for Learning & Communities (LRLR) (UK CN MY) (16-17).
We will ask you to confirm your attendance shortly before the course starts.

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