Delegating Effectively

Title:Delegating Effectively

Duration:0.5 days
Training Units1.0
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Who should attend

This course is available to managers/team leaders only. It is for you if you want to consider the process whereby you delegate work to others in your team. But its not just about unloading the jobs you don’t want to do!


Course Description

Sometimes we all need a bit of help in the short term and ask other people to do jobs for us. The only beneficiary here is us. However, this course is about the use of delegation to bring benefits to both parties. It is for when you want to use delegation to expand the responsibilities or capabilities of someone in your team. And it is a vital skill for a manager to have. We cover the why, what, who and how of delegation.


Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of delegation;
  • What to delegate;
  • Who to delegate to;
  • How much authority/control to delegate;
  • A structured process for delegation.


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