Engage - How to make Classroom and Personal Captures (Echo360)

Title:Engage - How to make Classroom and Personal Captures (Echo360)

Duration:1 Hour
Central Short Courses
This short session will introduce you to the Echo360 software involved in creating Classroom Captures (CCAP) and Personal Captures (PCAP) and will detail the differences between these two types of captures (recordings).

These captures can be made available to students and can be accessed via Moodle or directly through the Echo360 website and Echo360 app.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Work with the CCAP and PCAP interface
  • Configure recording options for quality
  • Make a capture
  • View / playback the capture
  • Edit the title of the capture
  • Publish the capture
  • Work with content libraries
  • Delete the capture
  • Download the PCAP software

Please Note:  This course DOES NOT cover the interactive classroom elements of Echo360.  To learn how to work with the Echo360 interface and add student interactivity please see the course "Engage - Exploiting the features of Classroom Engagement"

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