ILM Lvl 7 Leadership & Management Certificate

Title:ILM Lvl 7 Leadership & Management Certificate

Duration:1 day
Central Short Courses

Programme Overview

The Level 7 Leadership and Management Qualification is designed to “enable existing and aspiring managers, who recognise they must satisfy various stakeholders and want to invest in their own personal brand, to create organisational and personal impact through high level engagement with practice, innovation and critical thinking, underpinned by practical and applied research and the application of theoretical frameworks.” (ILM, 2018)

This programme combines leadership development with ‘real work’ projects enabling the learner to become more self-aware, think and act strategically and make informed, evidence based, decisions in order to progress a real life project within the University.

 Learning Outcomes

 Undertaking this qualification will enable you to:

  •  Focus on your specific leadership and management development needs
  • Learn to use networks and harness the power of social learning
  • Know how to use an enquiry led evidence based approach to develop your leadership and management capability
  • Develop and enhance your personal brand
  • Develop, implement and evaluate high-level, strategic, business cases
  • Embed your leadership and management development in real work
  • Develop knowledge and skills to support your future career aspirations. (ILM, 2018)

 Qualification Outcome

Successful completion of the programme will provide the learner with a Certificate in Leadership and Management (20 credits at Level 7). To achieve this the learner will successfully complete one flexible, mandatory unit that allows the learner to identify and work on areas of leadership and management development specific and relevant to their own particular interests and work context.

 Programme Delivery

This programme is delivered through a variety of methods including three core learning days featuring facilitated content, three/four action learning sets, three/four one-to-one tutorials. In addition to the facilitated elements of the programme learners are expected to conduct their own personal research and enquiry to support their learning and development.

Learning events are scheduled to occur every four to six weeks and the whole programme will take approximately ten months to complete, which provides sufficient time for a suitably complex project to be undertaken. Total qualification time is notionally 200 hours.

The ethos of this programme is to be flexible and led by the learners; the nature of content is driven by the needs and requirements group and some of the mode of delivery might alter through negotiation. 

All learners will identify and work on a real life work based project which they will develop and progress using an enquiry led evidence based approach.


To achieve the qualification the learner must complete the mandatory unit 8617-700 Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry. The method of assessment is through portfolio evidence, a concise project report, a project presentation and viva voce.


Note: There is a £200 charge payable by the School/Department to attend this course and you must attend all of the days to gain certification. If you don't attend Day 1 without giving at least 3 days' notice, and the place is not taken by another delegate, then the School/Department will still be charged.

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