Interpretation of management accounts

Title:Interpretation of management accounts

Duration:0.5 days
Professional Development

This session  takes you through the monthly management accounts provided to Heads of Schools and School Managers by Financial Management.

As a result of this session you should:

  • be comfortable navigating through the management accounts pack;
  • understand what information is contained in the management accounts;
  • be able to find the information you require and cascade it to colleagues;
  • be able to interpret the management accounts.

Attendees may like to bring a copy of their latest management accounts, but this is not a necessity.

Who should attend?

This session is only relevant to those staff who receive a copy of the monthly management accounts directly from Financial Management.

Session outline

The session covers:

  • How to get better use of the management accounts
  • An explanation of the information in the management accounts
  • How to understand the linkages between reports
  • Key reports to check every month
  • Responsibilities over the management accounts

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