Blended Language Learning Design: The MIRACLE Approach

Title:Blended Language Learning Design: The MIRACLE Approach

Duration:0.5 days
Central Short Courses

Who should attend?

Anybody that teaches languages (English of MFL) and is studying to become a language teacher (PGCHE etc. Anyone interested in blended learning design.

Course description

This is a practical workshop that will teach you a rapid-design method based on the MIRACLE approach to blended language learning design. You will learn how to create a visual storyboard that lays out the type and sequence of face-to-face and online learning activities required to meet learning outcomes and how these will be assessed.

I use an effective and engaging paper card-based approached based on a method developed at UCL (ABC curriculum design). Five common types of languages learning activities are represented by five cards. These are input, social interaction, presentation, practice and production.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • knowledge and understanding of the MIRACLE approach to blended language learning design;
  • applied the approach to your own context of teaching;
  • created a storyboard that integrates both face-to-face and online learning activities;
  • considered the assessment implications of your design.

About the course tutor

Neil Hughes is Director of Modern Language Teaching in the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies and Digital Learning Director for the Faculty of Arts. He used the approach to design his own teaching (Spanish) and to support the redesign of modules taught in other languages, in particular Chinese.

Other courses by Neil Hughes

This is currently the only workshop run by Neil Hughes.

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