Having an Effective Personal / Career Development Conversation with your Staff (Online)

Title:Having an Effective Personal / Career Development Conversation with your Staff (Online)

Duration:0.5 days
Professional Development
Having an effective personal development/ career conversation with your Staff (for reviewers/line managers).

Your staff need to have the right sort of conversations with you to support their development and career plans.  This briefing will take you through an overview of the materials and tools available to staff, suggest different ways you can support staff and firmly locate these sorts of conversations as a way to increase motivation, engagement, and ability to handle change and increase capability for the future.
Participants will have the opportunity to,

  • Discuss why personal development planning is important for the University and its influence on staff engagement and the capability to handle change
  • Explore the planning tools available to staff
  • Identify the right sort of conversation to support and encourage staff
  • Understand the different support models which are appropriate to staff at different stages in their career /Managing different sorts of development conversations
  • Access planning tools for Managers – identifying career stage, supporting a development needs analysis, Identifying appropriate development activities and accessing the appropriate support

The briefing is available in two formats – face-to-face and webinar.  For the Webinar events you will only need some earphones to participate.  There is also an interactive PDP tool which supports staff in identifying their developmental needs. 

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