Disabled Staff and Students: Interaction and Understanding

Title:Disabled Staff and Students: Interaction and Understanding

Duration:0.5 days
Training Units1.0
Central Short Courses


Who should attend:

All Staff


Staff who want to know more about working with disabled students or colleagues would benefit from this session, which focuses on establishing understanding and good communication. There are often barriers faced by staff and students with different disabilities. Our interaction and communications styles can alleviate many of these barriers and enhance the work and study environment for all.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:-

  • Identify barriers to communication and ways to alleviate them;
  • Identify when an equality analysis is needed, and the level of analysis which is appropriate;
  • Identify the types of information, both qualitative and quantitative, needed to inform equality analysis;
  • Be familiar with guidance and forms available to support completion of equality analysis.


Course leader input and small group tasks/discussion.




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