Applied Excel for Finance Staff
Duration 0.1 days
Team Central Short Courses

Event Description
Background to the course

This course is designed to provide University/Agresso specific context to existing Excel knowledge for Finance Staff.

Event Aims
By the end of the session, we hope that you will understand/be able to do the following activities, in an applied context.

• Best practice for validating formulae
• Statements including SUMIF/COUNTIF
• Formulae including concatenate, MID, LEFT, RIGHT, ROUND
• Getting data to form a string
• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Agresso specific tips/watch outs

Event audience
This course is aimed at all finance staff who have a working knowledge of Excel and want to learn how to apply this to University/Agresso specific scenarios. The class sizes are kept very small to enable 1:1 interaction with the tutors. If you are unable to attend the course, please ensure that you cancel so that spaces can be freed up for other colleagues.

You will need to have the knowledge from the following Excel courses:

• Module 1 – Create a spreadsheet using simple formula
• Module 2 – Formatting, autofill and functions
• Module 3 – Simple IF functions and managing monster spreadsheets.

These courses can be booked onto here:

Ideally you will have two screens so that you can watch the slides and follow along, but this is not essential

If you have any questions, please speak to Lucy Field-Richards, Finance Training Manager on

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Online Course22 September 202122 September 20219:30am - 11:00am5