Business World (Agresso) - Upgrade (Online Course)
Duration 10 Minutes worth of content
Team PD eLearning
Business World (Agresso) - Upgrade (Online Course)

Information about Business World

As part of the up-and-coming Agresso to Business World upgrade, we will be "leap-frogging" a number of versions ahead. 

The intention is to perform a "like-for-like" upgrade so users will not need to be fully re-trained on every aspect of the system.

However, the intention of these eLearning materials is to enable you to be more familiar with the new Business World environment.  There is more focus on Purchase to Pay aspects of the system but does cover aspects such as:

  • Single sign-on
  • "Look and feel" changes
  • Purchase to Pay (P2P) - Purchase Requisition, and task management processes

 There's approximately 10 minutes' worth of content.

There is no assessment associated with these materials, but please ensure you press the "Click here to complete the course" button on the final slide to record you have completed the materials.

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