Managing Team Performance
Duration 0.5 days
Team Professional Development


Who should attend

This course is available to managers/team leaders only. It is for you if you want some ideas as to how to bring people together to work effectively or to maintain that effectiveness over time.


Course Description

Most staff within the University will be working within a team, and many of these will rely upon the work they do with other members of their team for the successful accomplishment of their role. Teams can do great work, but it often takes great work by the manager to facilitate this. This course will give you the opportunity to review how well your team is performing and to give you ideas as to how to enhance it. You will consider the ‘why’ of teams, through to the ‘how to measure’ and the ‘what you can do about it’.


Topics covered include:

  • Why we have teams;
  • Measures of team effectiveness;
  • Group dynamics and team roles;
  • Leading teams;
  • Maintaining and enhancing performance.


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