CELE - Introduction to Academic Writing
Duration 3 days
Team Centre For English Language Education

Aims and Objectives

To get you off to a good start and clarify the writing areas you may need to continue working on. To act as a foundation and orientation to key aspects of academic writing in Britain, specifically:

To raise awareness about the nature of academic writing and style in British University contexts
To raise awareness about the process of academic writing
To familiarise you with the structure of some types of academic text
To provide practice in producing an academic text type
To give feedback on your writing task
To advise you on future writing needs and related insessional writing support


Tutor input, individual and pairwork activities, a writing task, and constructive feedback on your work. 

Who should attend

International and E.U students who have not previously attended a CELE presessional or writing course, and who would like help with writing, should attend this module first, before attending a further 6-week writing module.

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