Conflict: a Manager's Guide
Duration 2.5 hours
Team Professional Development

Who should attend

This course is available to managers/team leaders only. It is for you if you want some ideas as to how to be minimise or resolve conflict situations, both between yourself and a team member and between two team members.


Course Description

Some degree of conflict is natural within teams – and in many cases it is beneficial. However, conflicts can escalate, causing an unpleasant atmosphere within the team and often a drop of overall productivity. If you are leading a team you must be able to analysis conflict situations and have the tools necessary to tackle them in the right way and at the right time. This course will provide you with information useful for this part of your role.

Topics covered include:

  • Reasons for conflict in the workplace
  • Consequences of unresolved conflict
  • Drawing on Emotional Intelligence and other areas to understand the actions of the parties to a conflict (including, potentially, your own)
  • The role of assertiveness
  • Taking things further if they can’t be resolved within the team.



This course is also offered as a shorter on-line version.





LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Online Course08 February 202408 February 20242:00pm - 4:00pm18