Creative Thinking
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This course is available to all staff and Postgraduate Research Students. It is for you if you want to come up with creative ideas and want the tools to do this on a consistent basis.

 Course Description

Creativity can be a useful attribute in many situations. This course is designed to get you thinking about creating the right circumstances for creativity – from physical location through to your own attitudes. It will also introduce you to a significant number of techniques that people have used successfully when new ideas are required.

 Topics covered include:

  • Recognising the key characteristics for creative thinking;
  • Overcoming Thinking Blocks
  • Making the most of Brain Storming sessions;
  • De Bono’s Lateral Thinking Techniques;
  • Other techniques for creative thinking.

 Other recommended courses:

The Tools of Problem Solving


Some of the material covered in this course was previously included in the ‘Lateral Thinking’ course.

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