Curriculum Transformation Programme (CTP) Taster Workshop
Duration 2 Hour
Team Professional Development

Event Description

The University of Nottingham has embarked on an ambitious Curriculum Transformation Programme (CTP) to enhance the way we design our programmes of study. Programmes designed in a holistic way are more likely to support student engagement, satisfaction and improved outcomes, including for under-represented groups. The Curriculum Transformation Programme provides time, resource, an evidence-based framework and specialist support for programme teams to transform their curricula from the ground up. Co-creation with students is a core part of the design process.

This 2-hour taster workshop gives participants an overview of the Curriculum Transformation Programme – a including its aims, rationale and timeline – and a taster of the curriculum design process.

Participants will explore the design principles and approach that underpin the CTP by engaging in mini versions of activities from our Curriculum Vision design workshops. Through hands-on group tasks participants will draft Graduate Attributes that are informed by evidence and reflect the University’s strategic goals. They will also work together to create mini learner journeys, thinking about the learning steps different students will need to go through in order to achieve the intended outcomes and develop the distinctive Graduate Attributes.

We do this through “redesigning” a fictional programme, not taught at the University of Nottingham, to enable anybody to participate, regardless of their role, discipline, or background.

Event Aims
To provide attendees with an overview of CTP, along with contextualising the design principles and approach. The session also aims to provide attendees with experience of the 3 Curriculum Vision workshops which form part of the programme by engaging in activities which form part of the 3 workshops.

This course is for all staff.

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