Gas Cylinders - Safe Handling and Use
Duration .5 days
Team Safety Office


Gas Cylinders - Safe Handling and Use

Please note that there will be a cost for attending this course. See below for further details.


A half-day course:


- Aims and objectives

- Legal background

- Additional guidance, BCGA, UoN, etc.

Gas Classification & Packaging:

- Cylinder design and construction

- Supplier responsibilities

- Cylinder identification

- Cylinder valves

The Properties & Potential Hazards of Gases on Site:

- Characteristics and hazards associated with common gases e.g. flammability, asphyxiants, cryogenic, toxic, etc.

Before Use Safety Checks:

- Gas Control Equipment, valves, regulators, flashback arrestors (practical)

- Selection

- Care

- Requirements for maintenance

- Leak detection

Safety in the Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders:

- Handling techniques including use of trolleys and 'milk churning' (practical)

- Recommended PPE

Actions to be Taken in the Event of an Emergency:

- Incidents and accidents - examples to illustrate the key hazards associated with gas cylinders


You will be required to wear safety footwear and safety spectacles on this course. Please bring the footwear and spectacles with you.


If you are intending to travel by car to the training venue, please allow sufficient time to locate a parking space and to walk to the training venue, as parking may not be available immediately adjacent.



This course is bought in and run according to demand. The cost will depend on the number of participants.  As an indication of cost, if 12 delegates are recruited, the approximate cost per person is £60 per person.  We may also have to hire in cylinders and the cost of this is also shared amongst the delegates.   If fewer than 12 are recruited, the full cost is shared among the number attending with the minimum number to make the course viable being 9.

Please Note: If you book a place on this course and fail to attend or fail to give two working days notice of cancellation there will be a charge to cover costs.



Who should attend:  This course is aimed at employees of the University but it is open to postgraduate students if space permits. Please note that nominations for the course are reviewed by the Safety Office and priority will be given to members of staff. Students will be notified if it is not possible for them to attend a particular date because of demand from staff.




Forthcoming dates

We engage the services of an external training provider for this course and as such this course is run as and when demand dictates.    If there are no dates available, training will have being carried out recently and we are awaiting sufficient numbers to run subsequent courses



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