Emotional Intelligence - follow up workshop.
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This workshop is only available to those who have attended the ‘Emotional Intelligence’ course. It is for those who already have some knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and wish to consider further how it may be used in the workplace.


Course Description

This session is about the application of the principles of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Building on the knowledge you gained in the original course, you will be sent some reading material prior to this workshop to refresh your memory. You will also be asked to think about your own Emotional Intelligence and look out for examples of the use of Emotional Intelligence (yours and other’s) in the week or so leading up to the workshop. These observations will provide the basis for discussion. In this way your learning is grounded in your own experience and in the discussion you have with others. The emphasis is not on providing lots of new information about Emotional Intelligence but on looking at how you can apply the theory at work.


Topics covered include:

  • Ways to develop your own Emotional Intelligence;
  • Using Emotional Intelligence


Other recommended courses:

  • Communicating – Improving work relationships using Transactional Analysis
  • Communicating – Using NLP to understand others and get your message across
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