Introduction to Endnote for Researchers
Duration 0.5 days
Team Libraries' Learning Development Team (Information Skills)
Please be aware this is an in person teaching session

Target Audience

Early career researchers, especially those at the beginning of their careers (i.e. postgraduate research students).


You will need to have a computer username and password for the University network, plus access to the University's R-drive. (If you don't already have access, this can be requested via your doctoral supervisor. Alternatively, please bring along a USB flash drive).

You will need to have a general knowledge of referencing and referencing systems, for instance by consulting the following webpages

You can access an online resource to support using endnote: 


This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of the EndNote for Windows software to create a library of references and to automatically build a bibliography/reference list in Word.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • recognise the value of using reference management software (RMS) to keep track of reading materials and to enable effective and consistent referencing

  • recall key characteristics and web locations of various open source RMS packages to enable independent exploration of their features/functionality and determine applicability for personal use

  • apply key functionality within EndNote to effectively save, organise and edit references and to access a range of referencing styles

  • produce accurate and consistent in-text citations and reference lists / bibliographies within acdemic writing by linking EndNote to a word processing package


The course builds on the information given in the 'Researcher Information Skills' course.

It introduces Endnote, a software package which is available to assist you in managing references, and will also look at Endnote Online, an alternative web-based version of the package. The course uses the Windows version of the software. If you are using a Mac, there is a Getting Started Guide (Mac).


This is a two hour course consisting of presentation, demonstrations and practical hands-on exercises.


Learning Development Team (Information Skills)

Please be aware this is an in person teaching session
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