Microsoft Excel Module 1 : Create a spreadsheet using simple formula
Duration 2 Hours
Team Central Short Courses
In this course, you will learn how to create simple formulas (manually created) and functions (pre-defined formula that performs calculations using specific values in the correct order). You will understand how Excel treats text and numbers differently and how to manage this. You will also learn many useful shortcuts for inserting and extending content

Learning outcomes:
  • Make changes to data in a workbook
  • Label and format sheets
  • Understand Excel terminology
  • Convert numbers to text as appropriate
  • Use basic fill operations and the Clipboard
  • Work with ranges in a worksheet
  • Creating formula to add, subtract, divide and multiply


Delegates are required to have Microsoft Excel 2016 or above installed on their computer.  The features and techniques used in the course cannot be completed in the online Office365 version of Microsoft Excel.


This course will be delivered entirely online via Teams with course Leader input, demonstrations, and hands-on practical sessions.  If you don't already have Teams installed then please see for more information.  

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