Functional Breathing for Stress Relief
Duration 1 hour
Team Professional Development
Event Description

As we go through our daily lives, we rarely stop to think about how we breathe. Our breathing patterns at rest have a profound impact on our anxiety levels, our ability to focus and be productive and our health. Those of us in professions that require us to speak for a living (teaching, meetings, presentations) are particularly vulnerable to developing breathing pattern disorders such as chronic hyperventilation. Over time, this can have a profound and detrimental impact on our quality of life and lead to serious health conditions - symptoms associated with dysfunctional breathing include anxiety and panic attacks, asthma, COPD, insomnia, sleep apnea, TMJD, sinusitis and hay fever, migraines, allergies, depression, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, bloating, constipation, PMS and many more.

This workshop will introduce breathing techniques to reverse unhealthy patterns, manage stress and anxiety, support functional movement and enhance wellbeing. Participants will have the opportunity to try safe and accessible breathing techniques grounded in traditional yoga pranayama practices and the scientifically grounded Oxygen Advantage® method that can be used to support your teaching work. Open to all levels of fitness, no prior experience required.

Event Aims

Learn about healthy breathing patterns
Discover the benefits of functional breathing
Learn safe and accessible techniques to support yourself

About the instructor

Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett is an internationally active concert pianist and lecturer in musical performance at the University of Nottingham. She combines her research and experience in performance anxiety with extensive accredited training as a yoga, breathwork and meditation instructor. Xenia’s wellbeing training includes completion of a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teaching qualification led by Eleonora Ramsby-Herrera in 2019 (Yoga Alliance Professionals), Yin/Yang Yoga and Mindfulness (primary and secondary levels amounting to 100 hours certified by Yoga Alliance) with Sarah Powers in 2018 and Oxygen Advantage® functional breathing instructor training with Patrick McKeown in 2021.
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