Operational Management of Research Projects & Contracts
Duration 0.25 days
Team Central Short Courses
This course will be primarily of value to administrative staff with responsibility for supporting research for Grants and/or Contracts.  However, it is also open to academics and researchers who would like to improve their understanding of Research Administration from Bid Development (including the use of the RIS System), through to the Financial Management of Research Projects.

Delegates will benefit from having attended the RIS Costings & FEC for Beginners course

Event Description:

The course will provide an introduction to the key elements of -

Pre Award -
  • What do Pre-Award Team do - our responsibilities
  • The Pre Award process - Notification of Award from Award Acceptance to Project Live
  • Reporting in RIS/Housekeeping - Statuses/Advanced search
  • Tips & Hints for best practice - adding all schools/divisions at beginning, linking projects to contracts

Contracts -
  • What do Contracts team do – Our team and responsibilities
  • Types of Agreements – what agreement do I need?
  • Workflow process for Contracts

Post-Award -
  • What happens when my Research Project is Live
  • Post-Award Processes and Procedures - What we do – Project Live to Closure
  • Agresso

Overheads & Margin -
  • A beginner’s guide to overhead and margin accounting
  • What is Margin? How does it impact the School
  • The calculation of Overheads and Margin
  • Understanding Overhead and Margin recognition
  • Tips & Best Practice
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