To Tax or Not to Tax - VAT is the Question ......
Duration 0.25 days
Team Tax Services, Financial Operations

Target audience

Budget holders, project managers, senior administrative staff or finance staff who would benefit from a greater understanding of VAT from a University perspective. 

This course will cover the basics of VAT within the University, leaving you with the knowledge of how VAT works within the University and what reliefs we can claim. 

It includes:

  *  Why we should care about  tax;
  *  How the VAT system works in general;
  *  How it works within the University (inc.  raising PO's in Agresso and Sales orders in BPM);
  *  The rates of VAT and when it should be charged;
  *  Overseas transactions; 
  *  Claiming zero-rating on certain items. 

VAT is a significant cost to the University and affects department budgets, projects and supplies to third parties. 


This course aims to provide guidance on the VAT status of the University and how this impacts on the purchase and supply of goods and services. 


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