Field Trip Leader Training
Duration 1 day
Team Safety Office

Field Trip Leader Training

This course covers:

• Roles and responsibilities of Field Trip Leaders

• Threat and Risk Assessment (where possible destination specific)

• Pre-Travel Planning and Preparation (Insurance, vaccinations, Visa/entry/exit, medical, transportation, accommodation etc.)

• Air Travel Safety and Security

• Applying Protective and Reactive Controls (mitigation)

• Journey/Field Trip Management (Transportation, accommodation and in-country resources)

• Health, Safety and Security

• Local Laws and Culture

• Anti-Surveillance

• Dealing with an Incident and contingency planning (where possible destination specific)

• Communication and Reporting

• Post-Trip Reporting (near misses, etc)

Who should attend?

Staff leading higher-risk field trips. 

Your travel is higher risk if it:

  • is in a country with a status of moderate, high or severe on CHUBB/WorldAware
  • includes activities that are more likely to result in injury such as construction, isolated fieldwork, challenging features such as the terrain or climate, challenging flora and fauna, surveys or interviewing in difficult circumstances,
  • involves travellers who have certain medical conditions or protected characteristics that present a need for additional mitigations to keep them healthy and safe during the trip. 
LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
University Park28 June 202328 June 20239:30am - 4:30pm2
University Park05 July 202305 July 20239:30am - 4:30pm16