Getting started in Management -The Essential Skills for those new to management
Duration 2 hours
Team Professional Development

Duration:             2.5 hours x 3


Who should attend

Managers new to the University or with little previous management experience.  Also suitable for those with supervisory responsibilities or those looking to move into management in the near future. This is a three-part course and you will need to be available to attend all three sessions.


Course Description

Moving into management can be daunting.  So much to learn, and so many extra esponsibilities. This course will help you to ease into the role, giving you knowledge and considering the skills you need in a number of key topics.  

The gap between the sessions will give you the chance to put into practice some of your learning from the course.

Topics covered include:

  • Obtaining clarity on the role
  • Leadership – the people side of management
  • Motivation - what are the things that are likely to motivate your team members?
  • Team building - turning a group into a team
  • Performance Management
  • Developing your team members
  • Delegating appropriately
  • Personal effectiveness - getting your work done and being a role model for the team



This course is also offered as a slightly-shorter on-line version, run over three sessions of 2 hours duration.


Please bring your lunch with you to the course or be prepared to buy lunch on campus.

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