Export control - standalone online learning course
Duration Accessible at any time during academic year
Team Researcher Academy

This standalone online course is run by the Researcher Academy 

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Target audience: Principal Investigators. All staff and research students who are planning to work with, or who are working with international partners.


As a researcher If you are planning any type of international research or collaboration you must understand how to comply with any export licences that apply to the projects you are working on. Failure to comply with this law can result in fines, legal costs or prison sentences of up to 10 years. The Export Control Joint Unit can, and will, hold individuals accountable.

As a Principal Investigator you are responsible for:

  • understanding whether export control applies to any aspect of your project and whether you require a licence.
  • ensuring that you have necessary licences and are complying with export controls. 
  • checking that all members of your research team understand and are complying with the conditions of export licences throughout your project.
  • keeping adequate records of what you have done, and where materials and information are located. 
  • helping to prevent suspected illicit transfers.

This 30 minute module is designed to help you understand why and when your research could fall under export control regulations, and what you need to do if it does. This course covers:

  • Research that could be subject to export controls
  • What to do if your research is subject to export controls
  • UK regulations
  • Case studies.

Work through the course content and complete the quiz at the end. 

You should allow 30 mins to complete the module and associated quiz. You will have to pass the quiz to obtain a digital badge.

Access the course:
You can access the course content by selecting the link below and then following the instructions in Moodle.

Access the Export Control module (link opens in a new window)

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