Research Integrity: Comprehensive (Standalone online learning course)
Duration Accessible at any time during academic year
Training Points 2.0
Team Researcher Academy

This online course is delivered by the Researcher Academy 

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Target Audience: 

All university staff and students involved in research activity. Primary target audiences include Academic staff, Research staff and Doctoral students. Masters and Undergraduate students with a research component to their degree are also invited to complete the appropriate discipline specific research Integrity course.

Course Description:

This comprehensive online course is designed to strengthen your awareness of your own responsibilities and accountability when conducting research, and provides guidance on what to do should things go wrong. This course has University of Nottingham-specific content (unlike the Research Integrity Concise course) . This extensive UoN content gives specific practical and policy guidance in all of the modules. Content is also designed to reflect the needs of all three international campuses. Look for the 'Your context' pods.

This essential training has been tailored to support researchers, and those who support research activity, from across all disciplines. The course provides a common framework and content for learning and thinking about responsible professional behaviour in research. The course will ensure that you, regardless of your career stage, understand your professional responsibilities, and provides practical advice on dealing with the complex issues that can arise while planning, conducting and reporting research. If you have not had training in this area before, we encourage you to complete the course as early as you can in your studies. For those who are further into their research career, the training course will refresh your knowledge of issues relevant to your discipline as legal and professional frameworks constantly evolve.


Either work through the core course content and complete the knowledge test at the end, or for more experienced researchers complete the course knowledge test and then access the relevant course content to plug gaps in knowledge before a second attempt at the knowledge test. Additional optional content is provided within each course for those whose role requires a deeper understanding of research integrity issues. Researcher Academy Training points are awarded upon successful completion of the assessment.

This course will consist of the following modules:

1. Good Research Conduct
2. Irresponsible Research Practices
3. Planning Your Research
4. Managing and Recording Your Research
5. Communication, Social Responsibility and Impact
6. Conflicts of Interest

You should allow 2.5 to 3 hours to complete the 6 modules and associated quizzes. You will have to pass all of the 6 module quizzes to gain training points/ a certificate. You can access the course content by selecting the link below and then following the instructions in Moodle:

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