Safe Use of Gases/ Cryogenics e-learning
Duration 0.5 days

What do the courses involve?

Please see course content here for Gas Safety and here for Cryogens. The latter predominantly deals with liquid nitrogen but principles apply across the other cryogens typically in use at UoN.

The courses involve interactive content plus a validation quiz to be passed to gain certification.

Hope much does the training cost?

The cost for each course is £32+vat per person (i.e. £64 + VAT if you want to take both the Gas and Crygogen course).
You can purchase as many or as few courses at a time.

How do I organise access to the eLearning for my users?

When you wish to purchase training sessions for users, please generate a purchase order for Gas Safe Consultants (Agresso code 89153), indicating the number of each type of course you need, and ensure your Business Unit name is on the order. Forward the PO to H& and we will set up the accounts.

If you are having any issues with getting set up, please contact your local Health and Safety coordinator in the first instance.

Who should have each type of training

  • Safe Use and Handling of compressed gases  - all staff and PGRs who are required to handle, move, connect/disconnect and operate/adjust gas supply from compressed gas cylinders.
  • Safe Use of Cryogens – all staff and PGRs who are actively involved in moving cryogens from storage or point of delivery to point of use, decanting into equipment, using for cold storage or any other related activity.

How long is each course?

The gas safety (safe handling and use) course will take approximately 2 hours 50 minutes. Users don’t have to complete the training in one setting allowing them to work through it at their own pace.

The cryogens (safe handling and use) course will take approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Users don’t have to complete the training in one setting allowing them to work through it at their own pace.

How will I know that people have done the training?

You will need to identify someone as your business unit’s coordinator(s) and they will be able to see who has completed the training and when they did it.

What does the university require in terms of refresher?

The university advises a refresher every 3 years. This is not a legal requirement but is advised as one part of ensuring on-going competence.

Is any other training required that is related to gases and cryogens?

We have previously offered a face-to-face Maintenance and Inspection of Gas Systems course in addition to the Handling and Safe Use, we plan to continue that as a face-to-face as there are less people requiring it at short notice. This is generally set up based upon demand although we tend to offer one or two dates per year. Email if you have staff who require this training.

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