Healthy Lunches: Mindfulness practices at Jubilee - Session 1 (body)
Duration 0.25 days
Team Central Short Courses

Target Audience

This session is suitable for anyone who wishes to practice mindfulness with a trained teacher.  No previous experience of mindfulness skills training is required.  Staff who have attended the Mindfulness skills programme and wish to review their learning are also invited to attend.  


Mindfulness practices offered to support you in developing mental focus and good health.

Session 1: checking in with your self (body)
Session 2: developing focus (breath)
Session 3: breathing spaces (breath and body)

Session 4: mindfulness in motion (gentle stretches)

This is a practical session which offers experience of mindfulness practices and the option to discuss learning from these. This course is led by a mindfulness teacher trained and engaged in regular mindfulness supervision & CPD in accordance with the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations

Our Mindfulness teachers include:
Jake Dartington
Dr Karen Neil
Mel Wraight
Yasmin Holmes
Dr Edward Sellman
Dr Jo Bramham

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