HPC Basics
Duration 1.5

Event Description
By attending this talk, you will acquire the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to leverage the capabilities of our HPC system, streamline your research workflows, and accelerate your computational projects.

Event Aims
During this talk, you will learn about:

Introduction to HPC: Understand the fundamentals of High-Performance Computing, its applications, and the benefits it offers for computationally intensive research and simulations.
Logging in to the HPC System: Gain hands-on experience in accessing our HPC system, setting up your user account, and navigating the computing environment.
Open OnDemand: Discover Open OnDemand, a user-friendly web-based interface that simplifies access to HPC resources, file management, and job submission.
Slurm Basics: Learn about Slurm, the workload manager used on our HPC system. Understand how to submit jobs, monitor their progress, and manage computational resources efficiently.


Event audience
PhD students, Post-Docs, Research staff, anyone with the HPC account at UoN

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