Fire Safety (Online Course)
Duration 30 mins
Team H&S eLearning

Fire Safety (Online Course)
This course is part of the ALL STAFF Statutory Training 


The current fire safety legislation applicable to the University (Article 21 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) requires that suitable fire safety training for all staff be delivered on induction and periodically thereafter. 

In accordance with the University Fire Safety policy, this course should be undertaken every three years, by Staff, Associates, Postgraduate Researchers (PGR's) and Postgraduate Teaching Associates (PGTAs).  

This course is not required for PGT's and UG's.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the need for fire instruction training
  • Know the correct procedures for evacuation of University premises, such as the token system
  • Be aware of fire safety features at the University
  • Know how to respond in case of fire
  • Be able to identify and use the appropriate types of fire fighting equipment for different classes of fire

Warning: This course contains images and videos of fire and its aftermath. Note that no injuries were sustained to anyone in the fires shown in this training.

ALL STAFF  must complete the ALL STAFF STATUTORY Training which we define as the training that the University is legally required to provide all employed staff as defined in law (and consequently legislation can be referenced) or where a statutory body has instructed us to provide training on the basis of legislation

Please ensure that you complete the ALL STAFF Statutory training within the first seven days of joining the University and consequently complete refresher training within the specified expiry period.  

ALL STAFF STATUTORY Training also includes the following,
Health and Safety Induction (Online Course).
Staff Equality (Online Course)
Data Protection and Information Security 

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