ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management
Duration 8 days
Team Professional Development

Please click here for a full description of the ILM programmes we offer to see which is the right training course for you.  These courses are NOT open to postgraduate students - they are designed for University staff only.

This qualification is designed to develop the skills of those who work at a first line manager/leader levels. You will provide leadership to an operational plan and manage workload; communicate plans and objectives and build engagement; manage individual and team performance as a team manager or in the context of a project; support and lead change projects and initiate improvement.  The time horizon for your planning will be mostly medium- term, 1-3 years.

The course runs from October 2023 to June 2024 and is comprised of six blended learning blocks, each providing recorded content, self-paced learner activities and a three hour facilitated workshop.

Two qualification options are available from this course. Learners can choose to undertake an Award or a Certificate. Details are outlined below and largely impact the amount of assessment undertaken by the learner. You don’t need to decide which route you want to do before you come on the course – you can choose once you are on the programme. Please note that you can attend all the teaching sessions regardless of which qualification route you choose to follow.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the course you will explore a real work issue of your choice which involves writing a Project Report.  This will be based on your own real work needs in the context solving a problem or developing an opportunity in your area of responsibility.

Programme Outline

All courses use Moodle to facilitate the delivery of the learning materials and learners will need access to Moodle to fully benefit from the course.

Pre Course Activities

Completion of ILM Registration Form

Pre Course Learner Questionnaire

Pre Course Learner Benchmarking

Introductory Seminar

Introducing the Course

ILM Dimensions of Leadership

Meeting your learning partners

Learning Block 1: 
Real Work Issues

Understanding issues by gathering data

Using information to make decisions

Working with stakeholders

Learning Block 2: 
Communicating and Motivating

Developing excellent work relationships

Communicating effectively

Improving performance by empowering others

Learning Block 3: 
Report Writing and Action Learning

Exploring problems and opportunities

Writing for the business environment

Action learning

Learning Block 4: 
Planning and Doing the Project

Evaluating ideas

Planning and implementing work

Monitoring outcomes

Learning Block 5: 
Managing in the Middle

Understanding the role of middle management

Developing your leadership portfolio

Personal development action planning

Learning Block 6: 
Presenting Proposals and Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

Presenting ideas

Reflection and review

Next steps…

Award Route Details

Duration: Approximately 51 guided learning hours

The Award course provides an excellent overview to leadership and management and is ideal for those who want a brief introduction with a short qualification.

Assessment for the Award will be via the following Personal Learning Activities (PLAs): a Workbook and a Project Report.

Certificate Route Details

Duration: Approximately 69 guided learning hours

The Certificate course provides an in-depth exploration of leadership and management using a current work-based issue/project which is determined by the learner.  

Assessment for the Certificate will be via the following Personal Learning Activities (PLAs): a Workbook, a Project Report, a Personal Leadership Development Action Plan and a Leadership Development Presentation.

There is a £150 charge to attend this course payable by the School/Department and you must engage with all of the learning and assessment to gain certification.



Registration process
Please complete the registration form so we can register you with the ILM.

The information you provide will only be shared with the course tutor and the ILM for registration purposes.

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