ILM Level 5 Leadership & Management: Certificate
Duration 15 days
Team Professional Development

Please click here for a full description of the ILM programmes we offer to see which is the right training course for you.  These courses are NOT open to postgraduate students - they are designed for University staff only.

This qualification is designed specifically for those who are middle managers.  You typically have the following responsibilities:
  • Provide departmental/divisional leadership; plan, manage and monitor operations; lead change projects; develop people and resources to maximise operational effectiveness; monitor performance and control budgets.
  • Encourage innovation and improvement; set goals and delegate tasks to direct reports; communicate with teams and manage risks.
  • Make strategic plans with time horizons of up to 5 years and set KPIs for the University of your area of responsibility.
PLEASE NOTE: As part of the course you will undertake a project of your choice which involves writing an innovation report.  This will be based on your own real work needs in the context of an improvement opportunity in your area of responsibility.

The course provides an in-depth exploration of leadership and management at a strategic level using a current work-based innovation project which is determined by the learner.  The course is comprised of seven blended learning blocks (each providing recorded content, self-paced learner activities and a two hour on-line workshop).  The course typically runs for six to seven months.  See the Programme Outline below for more details.

Programme Outline

Learning Block 1: 
Introducing Leadership
  • Video contentIntroducing ILM leadership behaviours
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop
Learning Block 2: 
Organisational environment
  • Video content - PESTLE and horizon planning
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop
Learning Block 3: 
Innovation and change
  • Video content - Innovation practices and change models
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop
Learning Block 4: 
Creative solutions
  • Video content - Design thinking for leaders
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop
Learning Block 5: 
Professional relationships
  • Video content - Stakeholders and leading the team 
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop
Learning Block 6: 
Change management
  • Video content - Planning and Action learning
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop
Learning Block 7: 
Rethinking leadership
  • Video content - Emotional intelligence and action planning
  • Learner Activities
  • Interactive on-line workshop

Assessment is via a Project Report, Presentation (Assessment Day) with a Q&A and a reflective learner diary, all of which cover 3 ILM units.

There is a £150 charge to attend this course payable by the School/Department and you must engage with all of the learning and assessment to gain certification.

Course dates
This course is currently scheduled to run once in the 2020/2021 academic year. New dates will be published here as soon as they are released. If there are currently no dates below please keep checking back.


Registration process
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