Interpretation of management accounts
Duration 0.5 days
Team Professional Development

This session  takes you through the monthly management accounts provided to Heads of Schools and School Managers by Financial Management.

As a result of this session you should:

  • be comfortable navigating through the management accounts pack;
  • understand what information is contained in the management accounts;
  • be able to find the information you require and cascade it to colleagues;
  • be able to interpret the management accounts.

Attendees may like to bring a copy of their latest management accounts, but this is not a necessity.

Who should attend?

This session is only relevant to those staff who receive a copy of the monthly management accounts directly from Financial Management.

Session outline

The session covers:

  • How to get better use of the management accounts
  • An explanation of the information in the management accounts
  • How to understand the linkages between reports
  • Key reports to check every month
  • Responsibilities over the management accounts
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