Engaging students with quiz activities in asynchronous sessions with H5P More Details
Duration 1 hour
Team Learning Technology
iTeach webinars series

This webinar:
  • Monday 13th February 11:00am - Engaging students with quiz activities in asynchronous sessions with H5P (introduced by Cecilia, led by Claire Storr)

Webinar series

A new iTeach Webinar series has been announced focusing on learning technology tools for engaging students. See below for dates in January and February. Activities that will be covered include Echo360, Moodle Choice and Quiz, MS Forms and Polls, Xerte and H5P. Participants are invited to experience each activity as though they are a student, followed by an optional hands-on session to try out anything they have seen.

Each session will be introduced by Cecilia Goria (DLD for the Faculty of Arts) who will provide insights into the pedagogy for the techniques that will be demonstrated and what students have told us about their experiences of taking part.

From White Paper - Education for the future Spring 2022 - Sarah Speight, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience

Engagement, or rather lack of engagement, is a source of anxiety for staff and an issue recognised by students. While there is no clear pattern, student engagement with ‘live’ teaching (both in-person and online) is reported as having declined in academic year 2021-22 from the previous Covid-impacted years. Explanations include changed habits, student uncertainty about staff expectations of them, and the availability of good quality recorded materials. Students report confusion about formats and would like standardised models across their modules. Their message is simple: tell us why, ask us what we think, and help us to engage fully.

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