MS Teams Breakout Sessions
Duration 1 hour
Team Learning Technology
The Breakout Sessions workshop is aimed at those teaching colleagues who are running meetings and seminars in Teams.  It will provide a practical demonstration of using the different breakout room options from the perspective of an meeting organiser and a participant.
We will demonstrate the use of Breakout Rooms using using the inbuilt Teams feature.  This will cover:
  • The creation of breakout rooms
  • Assigning participants
  • Closing the rooms
  • Using announcements
  • Responding to participants who request assistance
We will also cover breaking out into channel meetings, demonstrating the experience of moving between meeting environments and then rejoining the main meeting.
To join the session please use the link provided.  You will need to Join the meeting via the Teams desktop application and ensure that you are logged in using your university email address and password.
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