Managing health & resilience programme: From stress to strength
Duration 3 days
Team Central Short Courses

This programme is a series of three practical, skills-based workshops aimed at building a toolkit of resilient practices that will help you and your team to grow and thrive in challenging times.

Immediate Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise and understand your own and others' stress response

  • Understand the key components of resilience

  • Build practical skills to boost your own resilience

  • Learn how to support others in challenging situations

  • Develop a personal action plan for enhancing your resilience and building resilient practices into your own work and the work of your team

  • Increase your capacity to bounce back at times of challenge and change.

Longer Term Outcomes:
This course aims to build practical skills that will be retained over the long term. It is purposely run as
two half days plus a follow-up session, allowing time to test out and practice new resilience skills between the sessions. A series of 10 weekly follow-up emails offer further support to help you make lasting change.

Course Content:
Drawing on the most up to date psychological research, this workshop will teach you about resilience, what it is and how you can get more of it over the following modules:

Introduction to Stress and Resilience
You will learn about stress and its impact on health and wellbeing; what research tells us about how resilient people cope differently with challenge and change, and how you can develop your own resilience skills.

Emotional Resilience
The first of three modules focusing on resilience skills teaches you how to: regulate negative emotions to stay calm under pressure; build positive emotions and supportive relationships for greater resilience.

Resilient Thinking
You will learn how your thinking styles affect your mood and behaviour, how to find more balanced thoughts using flexible thinking strategies and how you can use optimism to grow resilience.

Balance and Recovery
You will learn strategies to improve your work life balance, build in recovery time, balance demands and achieve lasting behaviour change.

Course tutors:

Dr Felicity Baker and Dr Jo Burrell are Clinical Psychologists with many years experience working in the NHS and independently.

Who should attend?

Any staff who are interested in learning more about resilience and working on patterns of thinking and ways of behaving that underpin their responses in challenging situations. Each of the three workshops within the programme is experiential and will encourage you to think about how you can integrate what you learn into your daily life.



This is a programme of three connected workshops. If you register for this programme, you are committing to attend all three workshops. The workshop will provide tutor input and include group discussions.

What do people say about this programme?

“The course has made me aware of box of tools I have to deal with any difficult situations.”

“A fantastic programme- which has really helped me with managing professional relationships- coping with my workload and addressing work-life balance.”



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