Introduction to Statistics with SPSS - online (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Duration 2 days (3 hours & 30 minutes each day)
Training Points 2.0
Team Researcher Academy
Target Audience: 

This course is part of the M&HS Faculty Training Programme and N-trans training programme, which are convened by Researcher Academy.

Postgraduate Research Students and Research Staff in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences only. Researchers who are based in other faculties, and who are undertaking health and medical-related research may access the online lecture capture resources. If you wish to join the practical web-based session, please email to request a place, as soon as possible and no later than 3 working days before the course date.


Online learning environment- lectures and practical computer based tasks.

This course takes place over two sessions on consecutive weeks. The second session in the course builds upon the previous weeks’ session and therefore participation at both sessions is mandatory if you wish to register for this course.

The content of this course and that of ‘Introduction to SPSS for researchers’ is similar and students are unlikely to find it useful to attend both courses.

Participants will need their own laptop/PC with SPSS software downloaded and an internet connection. The course will be delivered via Moodle and Microsoft Teams. Full instructions on how to join the course visit Moodle will be sent to you via a joining instructions email.

Course Description:

This course is two half-days, and assumes a minimum of familiarity with statistics. In the time available a comprehensive coverage of the subject is impossible, and this should be regarded as an introduction to statistical principles and SPSS statistical software. This course is a combination of theory-based pre-recorded lectures and an online live streamed computer-based practical.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:
•   describe and classify data using statistical terminology
•   use SPSS to conduct basic descriptive analyses and graphical presentations
•   define the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis
•   interpret P values and confidence intervals
•   understand different measures of effect (e.g. mean difference)
•   know when to use basic statistical hypothesis tests (t-tests, chi-squared tests, correlation) and how to carry out these tests using SPSS
•   appreciate how to present and interpret these results in scientific reports
•   recognise some of the pitfalls associated with statistical analysis
•   know when you need to seek expert statistical advice

You will need a microphone, speakers and SPSS software downloaded to your PC/laptop. 

Participants will need to watch the lecture capture recordings in advance of joining the practical.

The live practical will be streamed using Microsoft Teams. Participants should work their way through the practical exercises and can ask questions of the practical demonstrators using chat functions and verbally in the breakout rooms

This online version of ‘Introduction to Statistics with SPSS’ is scheduled for two half days and is recommended to be completed on the scheduled days. However, the pre-recorded lectures may be watched in advance and the participant join the practical sessions at the designated time for the November 2020 course (11 and 18 Nov) or the May 2021 course (4 and 11 May). 

To gain training points/attendance mark for completion of this course you must have accessed the lecture materials on or before the date of the course AND then log in online to Teams and complete the practical sessions on the course dates during the designated timeslots. The timings of the session will be sent to participants in their booking confirmation email.

How to receive training points/full attendance mark

Complete watching all lecture recordings, making notes as appropriate, and then join the practical working through the workbook on the scheduled days of the course November 2020 course (11 and 18 Nov) or the May 2021 course (4 and 11 May). During the live practical, the tutor and demonstrators will be available to answer your questions.

For participants with work/caring commitments who need greater flexibility in their day, the online course may be completed in smaller sections on the course dates. In this case, the lecture recordings should be watched in advance and then log in to participate in the 2 live-streamed practical sessions taking place on either the November 2020 course (11 and 18 Nov) or the May 2021 course (4 and 11 May).

Please note, the classroom based version of this course was two 0.5 day sessions in duration.


If you are participating in this course, you have the option to either watch the lecture capture in advance or to watch the lectures during the scheduled time.

You must log in to Microsoft Teams to undertake the practical elements of the course at set times. This approach allows for flexible working if required.

This session may be recorded. If a recording is kept of the session, then please note, that it may be made available to the wider University of Nottingham researcher community.

To access the online training course resources, live streamed practical session timings on the course running in November 2020 (18 and 25 Nov) or the May 2021 course (4 and 11 May), and full instructions on how to join the course visit Moodle link below.

You will need a microphone, speakers and SPSS software downloaded to your PC/laptop. 

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