Introduction to Flow Cytometry (online) - All Faculties
Duration 3 hours (2 hours self study & 1 hour webinar)
Training Points 1.0
Team Researcher Academy

The course is open to Postgraduate Research Students and Research Staff from any faculty. 

This course is delivered in conjunction with the University of Nottingham Flow Cytometry Facility and is part of the M&HS Faculty Training Programme, which is convened by Researcher Academy. 

A two part, blended delivery online course comprising, 
  1. Self-directed study: watch lecture recording (duration 2 hours) 
  2. Live Webchat: tutor led discussion and Q&A (duration 1 hour)  
Note, the scheduled timings for the course instance are for the live synchronous delivery (webchat). The self-directed study must be completed in advance of this scheduled time. The overall course duration is 3 hours.
Platforms: Moodle and Microsoft Teams. Course booking confirmation email contains the Moodle page link, this link deactivates 2 hours before live webchat start time.

Course Description

Provided by the University of Nottingham Flow Cytometry Facility this course is designed to provide a foundation knowledge in flow cytometric analysis.  

This is an online version of the classroom-based course ‘Introduction to Flow Cytometry (MHSIFC)’. The online version comprising 2 parts, firstly a self-directed study of the tutor’s lecture capture (duration 2 hrs and 2 minutes) followed by a webchat (1 hour). To gain the training points/attendance mark of attendance you must complete part 1 (lecture recordings) and then join part 2 (webchat). 

Part 1: Lecture recording (asynchronous delivery) 

Organised into two recording sessions: the first half will focus on theoretical background, common applications and cell sorting; while the second sessions will cover experimental design and compensation.  
Session 1 
• What is flow cytometry and how does it work? 
• Applications of flow cytometry in Biomedical Research. 
• What is cell sorting and how does it work? 
• How can I access flow cytometry technology and support at the University of Nottingham? 
Session 2 
• Reagents for flow cytometry: Antibodies and Fluorochromes. 
• Basic design of flow cytometry experiment. 
• Colours that over;ap and compensate. 
• Information on further reading and links software and useful websites. 

Part 2: Live Webchat (synchronous delivery)

This is an opportunity to pose any questions arising from the lecture capture materials directly to the tutor and for interactive group discussion of concepts, challenges and guidance with the tutor and other users. 

Course learning outcomes: 
• Understand the basic concept of how cells are analysed using flow cytometry. 
• Identify commonly used application(s) of flow cytometry in the student’s research field. Understanding the concept of cells sorting. 
• Ability to interpret basic flow cytometry data in scientific literature. 
• Know how to access the Faculty Flow Cytometry Facility for further information, bookings, training and support. 
• Be aware of the range of fluorescent labels available and commonly used reagents. 
• Be able to design basic flow cytometry experiments, with awareness of controls appropriate to common applications 
• Understand compensation. 
• Have details of helpful reference material. 


Booking Instructions/ Information 

This online course/Webinar is delivered by the Researcher Academy 

This session may be recorded. If a recording is kept of the session, then please note, that it may be made available to the wider University of Nottingham researcher community.

Our webinars/ online courses are very popular, especially in the current period and we are experiencing large volumes of people on our waiting lists.  

We appreciate that personal circumstances are changing daily during the University’s lock-down period but please do let us know if you would like to cancel your place on this course so we can offer your place to another delegate. 

Please note, attendances for webinars/ online courses will still be recorded and corresponding training points, when shown as available, will be awarded.   

Accessing the course 

To access the course please follow the link below and log into Moodle using your normal username and password. You must use the link below when accessing this course for the first time as it allows you to self-enrol onto the course. Make sure that you log in to the course within two days of the course start date, after this date enrolment is disabled. 

Assessment and Training Points 

For specific information on how to submit the course assessment in order to receive training points/attendance badge please read the ‘assessment' section on the course Moodle page. If you have any problems or queries, please don't hesitate contact ra-training

To access all the course materials and the courses live streaming link visit the course Moodle page. 


Watch the complete set of lectures pre-recorded by the tutor. Make notes of any questions you may have. You can then raise these during the webchat. 

The lectures and webchat link are available on the Moodle link below:

LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Online Course02 June 202102 June 202111:00am - 12:00pm25
Online Course12 July 202112 July 202111:00am - 12:00pm38