N-trans Online Sandpit 1: Research Presentations
Duration 7 hours
Training Points 2.0
Team Researcher Academy

This online course is run by the Researcher Academy 

The Researcher Academy courses are very popular and the majority are run in both semesters to give you the opportunity to attend at a time of the year that suits you. Semester 1 courses will be available for booking from the second week of October and Semester 2 courses from the second week of February. 

Target Audience: 

Postgraduate Research Students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences undertaking the N-trans training programme and ideally in the mid to latter stages of their doctoral studies.

Research-only staff in the Faculty of M&HS may also attend these sessions. The N-trans training programme is convened by Researcher Academy on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. 


This N-trans sandpit focusses on the presentation of translational researchwith a particular focus on presentation of research to an interdisciplinary audience. 

To attend the sandpit, all attendees must submit an abstract in advance. 

What is translational research? 

Translational research is an approach to life sciences and biomedical research that is intended to accelerate outcomes applicable to healthcare. Translational research has its focus on removing barriers to multi-disciplinary collaboration. Translational research techniques allow physicians, physiologists and pharmacologists to utilise cross-disciplinary expertise to accelerate progress towards tangible healthcare outcomes. It is through the meaningful collaboration between clinicians, researchers and operational staff that research endeavour is most effectively apportioned to those with the most suitable expertise; an understanding of the possibilities, expertise and needs of adjacent disciplines is required to allow such fruitful cross-disciplinary research, and a common language assists in open communication. 

Research presentation sandpit 

Mid-stage and late-stage doctoral students are invited to present at this sandpit meeting. Earlier stage doctoral students will have the opportunity to present during the later stages of their doctorate. 

All attendees must submit an abstract. Presenters will be selected from the submitted abstracts. An abstract is required to attend the sandpit meeting. 

In your abstract you should include a title, all authors and affiliations (lab group and school). The form allows text only submissions. You will be informed whether your abstract has been selected for presentation w/c 29 March. Your abstract should focus on any potential translational aspects of your research. 

Abstracts will be selected for presentation based on merit and general interest. These meetings are focussed on networking and cross-germination of ideas.  

Presentation slots are 8 minutes with additional time for questions.  

For the online sandpit, presenters will be awarded 3 training points and non-presenting participants will gain 2 training point. All attendees must submit an abstract, not all of which will be accepted for presentation. 

Please submit an abstract of no more than 150 words via the ‘Abstract submission’ portal on Moodle by 9am on 29 March 2021.  

There are three N-trans sandpits per year. It is recommended, to attend this sandpit in the mid-late stage of your doctorate when you have started to collect data/have a good understanding of your research project 

This sandpit is part of an annual series: 

  • N-trans online sandpit 1: Research presentations 
  • N-trans online sandpit 2: Impact focussed 
  • N-trans online sandpit 3: Funding focussed 

For details of the other sandpits, visit https://moodle.nottingham.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=79284  


The sandpit comprises 2 parts and has a total duration/time commitment of approximately 6 hours (additional hours required if selected to prepare a presentation), 

  1. Pre-sandpit task: Abstract writing. Deadline 9 am 26 March EXTENDED TO 9am 29 March
  1. Live sandpit on 22 April 2021At the 2 hour sandpit all attendees will be allocated to one of three roles; Presenter, Chair, Summariser. Notification of role provided w/c 29 March.

All attendees must submit an abstract 

Presenters will receive 3 training points for completion. Chair and Summarisers will receive 2 training points. 

Booking Conditions  

Our webinars/online courses/sandpits are very popular, especially in the current period and we are experiencing large volumes of people on our waiting lists.   

Please do let us know if you would like to cancel your place on this instance so we can offer your place to another delegate.  

Please note, attendances for webinars/ online courses will still be recorded and corresponding training points, when shown as available, will be awarded.   Please note this sandpit has a pre-task (abstract submission) and the first time access for self-enrolment for the sandpit's Moodle page will deactivate shortly after the abstract deadline.   

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