Recognising and Developing Impact Sandpit
Duration 5
Team Researcher Academy

Target Audience: Postgraduate Research Students in the School of Medicine undertaking the Nottingham Translational (N-trans) Medicine Training Program.

Postgraduate Research Students enrolled into FH&MS 


The sandpit will be a forum for discussion on translational research with a particular focus on the socio-economic and academic impact of research.

What is translational research? 

Translational research is an approach to life sciences and biomedical research that is intended to accelerate outcomes applicable to healthcare. Translational research has its focus on removing barriers to multi-disciplinary collaboration. Translational research techniques allow physicians, physiologists and pharmacologists to utilise cross-disciplinary expertise to accelerate progress towards tangible healthcare outcomes. It is through the meaningful collaboration between clinicians, researchers and operational staff that research endeavour is most effectively apportioned to those with the most suitable expertise; an understanding of the possibilities, expertise and needs of adjacent disciplines is required to allow such fruitful cross-disciplinary research, and a common language assists in open communication. 

Sandpit 2: the impact of medical research 

The sandpit will be a forum for discussion on translational research with a particular focus on the socio-economic and academic impact of research. In this sandpit you will be encouraged to consider the broader context that your research project sits within from short through to long term prospects.  The aim of this sandpit is to explore the socio-economic impact of translational research and to reflect on who are the key beneficiaries and end users of your research project. 

The live portion of this sandpit will be held in parallel with annual Research Impact Forum event held on June 14, 2024. Participants will be required to undertake several self-study tasks before attending the f2f session, which have associated deadlines in the preceding week. The tasks will be available through this Moodle page and made available at the beginning of May.

Please note that you cannot also take part in the Research Impact Forum on the same day.

The session will be a forum for discussion of impact of translational research with a particular focus on presentation of research to a lay audience.


Lecture style with interactive group discussions, poster browsing during Research Impact Forum, held on June 14, 2024, followed by discussion.

Course Accessibility

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Watch and listen to the course tutor(s) and/or other attendees
Follow presentation slides during the course
Take part in group activities/ discussions

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