Patient, Carers and Public Involvement in Research
Duration 2 days
Training Points 1.0
Team Researcher Academy

This course is delivered by the Researcher Academy

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Target Audience: Postgraduate Research Students and Research Staff in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences only

This course is part of the M&HS Faculty Training Programme and N-trans training programme, which are convened by Researcher Academy.

Please note this course takes place over two days, in November and then January. To receive an attendance confirmation you must attend both dates.

Course Description

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer and Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health says of PPI  “No matter how complicated the research or how brilliant the researcher, patients and the public always offer unique, invaluable insights”….and  “People-focused research in the NHS simply cannot be delivered without the involvement of patients and the public”

With that level of endorsement, this course will demonstrate that research and PPI are not only an NIHR requirement but through practice you’ll learn that they’re made for each other and enrich your research proposals.

PPI/E will enable you to ensure that the relevant research questions are asked and inform developments through most parts of the clinical research cycle. With regard to trials recruiting and retaining participants, any research that is struggling, we will aim to demonstrate that it could improve if it was designed with and guided by - rather than for or to – patients and the public.

This module introduces PPI/E, the role it can play in your research, how it integrates your research proposal with its ethical requirements and then how it can ‘directly’ inform your research proposals and in the management of the research once funding has been secured. 

You’ll also learn from where to recruit PPI members, how to support them and how they can support you.  The course will be co-delivered by a PPI lead, experienced PPI/E lay members and a researcher whose work was significantly augmented by embracing PPI/E form the onset


To provide an overview of:

  • General background to patient and public involvement/ engagement (PPI/E), and how it helps to shape clinical research – Session 1 (November 2019)
  • How research is conducted ethnically and responsibly, with PPI/E an integral part of that process – Session 1 (November 2019)
  • The PPI/E work required prior to submission of funding applications – Session 2 (January, 2020)
  • The PPI/E work required should your funding application be successful – Session 2 (January 2020)
  • Learn directly across all module elements, from people with lived experience as either a research participant, PPI member or both (both Sessions).
  • Learn directly from a researcher schooled and practised in PPI/E, and of the benefits PPI/E brought to their work (both Sessions)

Learning outcomes

  • Practical ways of identifying patients, carers and the public to get involved and engaged in research
  • How patient and public involvement and engagement may be implemented throughout your research proposal/application
  • Listening and incorporating patient and the public views
  • How to establish and maintain positive productive relations with patients and the public
  • Utilise ‘On line’ resources such as the INVOLVE website

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