Preparing for your confirmation review (webinar)
Duration 0.5 days
Training Units 1.0
Team Researcher Academy

This course is for Postgraduate Research Students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. This includes the Schools of Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine and Science ONLY.

This course is part of the M&HS Faculty Training Programme and N-trans Training Programme, which are convened by Researcher Academy.


Process: Webinar via Adobe Connect.


Course Description:

This webinar will include presentations from an experienced internal examiners and provide information on the Confirmation Review process within each school during the current Cov-19 lockdown. There will be a plenary on what students should consider when they are preparing to both write their confirmation review report and undertake their review viva. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive some hints and tips that may help you prepare for your own report writing and viva.

The contents of this session are relevant only to research students registered to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The session will discuss the Confirmation Review process, which has specific local School procedures and requirements. The content is therefore not relevant to students who are registered within Schools outside of this faculty.



  • To give you the opportunity to find out what happens during the confirmation review.

  • To provide you with some hints and tips to enable you to be better prepared for the viva discussion.


Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • considered the main purposes of the confirmation review

  • an understanding of the examination process and criteria. This will include any changes brought in for the current Cov-19 lockdown situation.

  • thought about the examination criteria from the examiners' perspective



To be completed in advance of the webinar: Read your School's requirements for the Confirmation Review. Most school's will have the standard Confirmation Review procedures and requirements as set out in your PGR handbook, but due to the current COV-19 situation you will also have received updated information on how the Confirmation Review viva will be undertaken during the period that the University is on shutdown. This information may have been sent to you recently in an email from your school or if used, on PGR Web or Pebblepad.

 How to access the course resources
To access the online training course resources and full instructions on how to join the webinar on 7 May visit Moodle here:
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