Quantitative Evidence Synthesis - Online (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Duration 4 hours (3 hours for pre-tast and 1 hour webchat)
Team Researcher Academy

This online course is run by the Researcher Academy 
as part of the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences Training Programme

Target Audience: This course is part of the M&HS Faculty Training Programme and N-trans training programme, which are convened by Researcher Academy.

Postgraduate Research Students and Research Staff in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences only. Researchers who are based in other faculties, and who are undertaking health and medical-related research may access the online lecture capture resources. If you wish to join the webchat, please email mhsgc@nottingham.ac.uk to request a place, as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days before the webchat date.

Course Format:

The online version of ‘Quantitative Evidence Synthesis’ has two parts, both must be completed for an attendance mark/training point allocation. The time noted in this booking is for the webchat, the total time required for completion of this course is 0.5 day.

Part 1: Self-study of tutors’ lecture recordings

Part 2: Webchat with tutors- ask your questions arising from the lecture.

Part 1 must be completed before part 2. To join the 1 hour webchat you must have first completed a period of self-study watching the pre-recorded tutors’ lectures and familiarising yourself with 2 research papers used as examples during the lecture. Please allow 3 hours for watching the lectures, and then 1 hour for the webchat and time for reading the example papers.

Course description:

Systematic review is a method to systematically search, critically appraise and adequately synthesise evidence for a specific question of interest. This course will provide an introduction to Systematic Reviews of quantitative research. If you are undertaking qualitative research, you may wish to attend Qualitative Systematic Reviews

The aims of this course are to give an overview of the techniques involved in undertaking a quantitative systematic review.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course you will have furthered your knowledge in,

A): Conventional meta-analysis
B) Network and IPD meta-analysis

with the following learning objectives

  • Define meta-analysis
  • Identify a topic for meta-analyses
  • Search, select and assess the studies
  • Analyse data
  • Interpret the results

Course Accessibility

The following table shows a summary of what is needed to participate in the course. 

If you feel you will experience any difficulties participating, please let us know via the ‘special requirements’ tab, providing as much information as possible. The special requirements tab can be completed when you book your place. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at ra-training@nottingham.ac.uk.

Access and/or complete self-study/ pre-course tasks prior to main session(s) on Moodle
Access Moodle
Access MS Teams
Attend the webchat at the specified date and time
Participate in several online platforms at one time
Use MS Teams chat box function during webchat
Engage with online materials
Watch and listen to pre-recorded videos
Watch and listen to the course tutor(s) and/or other attendees
Follow presentation slides during the course
Take part in group activities/ discussions


Booking Conditions 

Our webinars/ online courses are very popular, especially in the current period and we are experiencing large volumes of people on our waiting lists.  

Please do let us know if you would like to cancel your place on this course so we can offer your place to another delegate. 

Please note, attendances for webinars/ online courses will be recorded. There are no training points associated with courses run by the Researcher Academy.


Pre-requisites for this course

This session may be recorded. If a recording is kept of the session, then please note, that it may be made available to the wider University of Nottingham researcher community.

Familiarise yourself with the sample research papers.

To watch the complete set of lectures pre-recorded by the tutors. Make notes of any questions you may have. You can then raise these during the webchat.

To access all the course materials and the courses live streaming link visit the course Moodle page. Please visit this page in advance of the session to familiarise yourself with the content.


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