Mindfulness for managing stress
Duration 0.2 days
Team Central Short Courses
Learning outcomes
  • Understand what the concept of mindfulness is in practice
  • Identify how you might respond differently to stressful situations
  • Explore which mindfulness practices suits your busy working life.

This course is based on the evidence based programme made up of 8 sessions (90 mins each): Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

More information on benefits by the course founder, Prof Mark Williams - 'significantly reduce anxiety, stress and depression during periods of acute pressure such as university exams. Life satisfaction and self-compassion are also enhanced'.

This course is led by a mindfulness teacher trained and engaged in regular mindfulness supervision & CPD in accordance with the British Association for Mindfulness based approaches.

There will be tutor led learning and practices for you to explore in managing stress and enhancing your well-being. Some examples of these practices are available free to listen to: http://franticworld.com/free-meditations-from-mindfulness/

You will receive a copy of the book 'Finding peace in a frantic world' and associated resources.

The approach for this course is similar to the Mindfulness programme but requires less time commitment.
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