Managing Remotely
Duration 2 Hours
Team Professional Development
Course description
In response to the Covid-19 situation, a lot of people who normally work in offices are working from home.  And a lot of managers and supervisors who normally see and interact with their team on a daily basis are in the same situation.  These managers and supervisors are having to adjust to managing at a distance.

This two-hour on-line workshop will take you through the challenges that this can create and some of the solutions.  You will consider some of the things that we take for granted when working together and which are lost when we work in isolation.  At the same time, for some people there are advantages to be gained - not least of which may be the lack of the daily commute!  You will think about some of the practicalities of working from home before moving on to some of the skills needed.  What must the remote team member do to make the most of working at home?  What must the manager do in turn to make this the best and most productive situation?  What does this change mean for styles of management?

Topics covered include:

  • The differences between working together and working apart
  • Getting the working environment as best as it can be
  • Looking after yourself at home - physically and mentally
  • What the new situation requires of the team members and of the manager
  • The adjustments required to leadership style

Whilst this course is designed to equip managers and supervisors with knowledge and skills for the immediate situation, this way of working may become more common in future.  Learning now should position you well for that potential world.
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Online Course15 June 202115 June 20211:30pm - 3:30pm11