Open Conversations - How to Approach
Duration 0.5 days
Team Professional Development


Join the Organisational Development team for an interactive workshop on how we can all approach conversations using the principles of an open conversation.   

Open Conversations are at the heart of our university values and the culture we want to see thrive. This workshop is intended to support those colleagues across all positions, as part of a programme of activity to enable the growth and development of open conversations across the university.    

Session outcomes 

  • To understand what is meant by an open conversation and share our experiences. 
  • To explore what barriers exist to having open conversations.  
  • To understand the conditions that enable effective open conversations.  
  • To understand the benefits of planning for the conversation.  
  • To practice the skills in giving effective feedback. 


What is an open conversation?    

An open conversation is a spoken interaction between two or more people, where those engaged in the conversation feel safe and able to contribute or raise relevant ideas, questions, or concerns.    

Who is the session for?  

This session is an opportunity for all staff members to explore how to initiate, prepare for and have an open conversation. This is part of a programme of activity for open conversations. There is also an introductory session exploring what an open conversation is and a session designed to support leaders/managers in creating the optimum conditions for open conversations.  

LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableBook
Online Course06 August 202406 August 20241:00pm - 3:00pm10
University Park04 September 202404 September 202410:00am - 12:00pm11