Change – how to get it right!
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This course is available to managers/team leaders only. It is for you if you are involved in making any changes at work and want to have the best chance of the change being successful.

 Course Description

Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Some can be viewed as relatively small and beneficial; some can be massive and very disruptive. And we could probably all think of examples of change that haven’t been very successful. This short course is designed to help you to implement changes in a better way. There are no guarantees for success, but the content of this course should help you with your change initiatives. And if you aren’t undertaking change initiatives at the moment, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be in the future!

Topics covered include:

    • Types of change and typical reactions to change;
    • Potential barriers to change;
    • Models of change and change management;
    • The process of change – typical steps for successful change;
    • Involving others in change and supporting them through the process.

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