Communicating - Improving work relationships using Transactional Analysis
Duration 0.5 days
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This course is designed for all those who wish to understand themselves and others and to have better communication.

Learning Outcomes

We communicate with people every day.  Usually this communication is easy and fluent, producing the outcomes we want.  Sometimes this is not the case.  Sometimes we can talk to people as we would any other day and their response is not what we were expecting.   Sometimes we find communication with particular people difficult.  This course may help to explain why - and offer a way to improve the situation.

Transactional Analysis is a model for understanding human personality, relationship and communication.   It's a big subject and on this course we focus on the aspect of understanding one-to-one communications.

The session will provide you with the opportunity to.

  • Learn the origins of Transactional Analysis;
  • Explore the basic model of Parent, Adult and Child and some of the sub-divisions of these 'ego-states';
  • Recognise the behaviours and thoughts associated with these ego-stages;
  • Consider the implications of these ego-states for one-to-one communication;
  • Practise some of the techniques for encouraging someone to change to a more appropriate ego-state.


The course will be a blend of tutor input, group and individual work.


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