Emotional Intelligence - Introduction
Duration 2 hours
Team Professional Development

Who should attend

This course is open to all managers and staff who wish to find out about Emotional Intelligence and how it may be put to good use in a work situation.

Course Description

Emotional Intelligence has been described as the ability to recognise and manage your own feelings and to recognise, respond and sometimes to influence the feelings of others.  Unlike other forms of intelligence, Emotional Intelligence is something that can be developed and improved with knowledge and practice.  Using increased Emotional Intelligence at work can bring great benefits, both in terms of your own performance and in terms of your interactions with others. This is what we will examine on this short, introductory course.

Topics covered include:

  • Different definitions of Emotions and Intelligence
  • Different definitions of Emotional Intelligence (!)
  • How the use of Emotional Intelligence can help you in a work situation
  • Getting a handle on your own Emotional Intelligence
Ways to develop your own Emotional Intelligence at work at work and beyond
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