Innovation – in summary
Duration 1 day
Team Central Short Courses

Who should attend

This course is available to staff and Postgraduate Researchers who are involved or would like to be involved in the process of innovation. The course provides an overview of topics relevant to taking a problem or idea through to the stage when (potentially) it can be ready for commercial exploitation.


Course Description

From initial idea to multiple million-pound business is perhaps a tall order for a one-day course. So, we are not promising that. However, this course is designed to look at the various stages that you may go through to move an idea in that direction. It is largely based upon the content of other short courses in the Innovation section and will give an overview of the process. We won’t go into the ins and outs of setting up a business but we will look at the process from the spurs to innovation through to getting an idea ‘business-ready’.


Topics covered include:

    • Investigating the business opportunity or considering the problem to be solved;
    • Creative Thinking practices – how to come up with or refine the idea;
    • Decision Making techniques, including De Bono’s Six Hat Thinking;
    • Design Thinking – tips on moving the ide forward;
    • Risk – what may go wrong and what may go right;
    • Producing the Business case – a potential means to get funding;
    • A quick overview of Intellectual Property;
    • Principles of project management - having a plan for exploitation.


Other recommended courses:

  • Other courses in the Innovation section, depending upon your needs.


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